Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Volcano Spirit - Creature

Greg Fortunato Monster

The General

Boya Sun - WWI Steampunk Monster

Majestic Stag Lexi Damico

Zombie Cerberus

Jayne- Steampunk/Medieval Robot-knight

Japanese Zombie Spirit Monster

That's Ashimaru's legs stuck up in the back!  That doesn't bode well...


I tried adding jewelry on him to add a little more interest but it looked really stupid! :D

Kim Te courtsan/robot monster!

My courtesan/robot creature. Idk, I'm satisfied with some parts, and not others.... :)


Lizzi- monster and storyboards

and my storyboards (with revisions!) since I haven't posted it yet

Fantasy Revolution Eagle Spirit

WWI Fantasy Creature

Egyptian Steampunk Creature

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Zombie Story

Is this large enough to be visible?

Boya Sun - story beats

Story Beats

Final Character and Traveling Box

Sorry these are pretty late!  Here's my character, Ashimaru (literally, "leg guy")

For the prop I did his traveling box, in which he keeps some extra clothes and meager possessions (even an inkstone!  He keeps a record of his half-life.)

I also included a sketch diagram of the cart he hauls the box around in: