Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Assignment 1 - Elizabeth Parlett

Alien Armor Pick-ups

Frozen Flying Vehicle

Camouflaged Steampunk Plant

Poison Zombie Monoliths


Assignment 1 Jayne Steiger

 Frozen Spaceship

 Steampunk Plant

Zombie Monolith

Radioactive Armor Pick-Up

Assignment 1

Frozen flying vehicles for a mad doctor who crossbreeds people and animals

 Poisonous zombie monoliths

 Radioactive armor pick-ups for malignant aliens-type aliens that eat children and the elderly

Camoflauged steampunk plants


Elena's Thumbnails! Assignment 1

Prompts + Refference Week1/2 hwk Kim Te

Assignment 1 Greg Fortunato

Armor Pick-up
Flying Frozen Vehicle
Zombie Monolith
Steampunk Plant
References 1
References 2

Kyle Burack - Assignment 1

Radioactive Armor Upgrade
 Frozen Flying Machine
 Zombie Monolith
 Steam Punk Plant

Reference Photos

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Evyn Fong- Assignment 1

Radioactive Armor Pickup for an Alien

Frozen Vehicle for a Mad Scientist

Plant Camouflaged in a Steampunk World

Poisonous Zombie Monolith