Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cars 2 Concept Art

Liz Parlett - Morgan Freeman Cop Car

Ah whoops, I forgot to post this before I got into class...

Lizzi- Pamela Anderson car

Trump Car

Donald Trump Car Final

Donald Trump Car Concepts

Taylor Swift Car Concepts


Cars 3 Concept: Truck Voiced by Vin Diesel

Landscape and Michael Cera

Lexi Damico: Cars 3 Final: "Tripp"

Car 3/4 & Profile

Here's my Morgan Freeman car. I considered doing a different paint job but decided to stick with the black & white. Hm!

Greg Fortunato Cars 3 Assignment

Boya Sun - Cars

Vin Rover

DeZutti- Christopher Lloyd Car

Amber Krebsbach - Cars 3

Kyle - Tumbnails & rough color

Vin Diesel

Meryl Streep

Vin Diesel again

trumpnails and ceranails

Vin Rod

Car sketches and Taylor Swift car

Liz Parlett - Car sketches

Meryl Streep sketches:

Morgan Freeman sketches: