Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jayne Steiger- Coloring Practice

Feudal Japanese Zombie Man plus Color Study

I did the color study of the scary version of my guy.  Definitely not as fun of a dude...

Lizzi- color practice

Boya Sun - color practice

Feudal Japan: Undead Monks

Ugly monks.

Revolutionary Robots - Iterations

Undead Celts: Warriors Lexi Damico COLOR

Feudal Japan x Characters

Missing one!! I admit it!!

I'm definitely struggling. Trying to get the "wooden puppet robot" look I suppose. He's some kind of friendly business owner, either a tea hosue or a bookstore. (urban "doing ok" middle class citizen)


Boya Sun - Steampunk WWI Soldiers

five character sketchuzz

Zombie Generals

Jayne Steiger: Medieval Steampunk 5

Egyptian Steampunk: Cyborg Pharoah

I'm struggling with the mechanical aspect of steam punk, especially the prosthetic arm

Character Sketches Round 2 (& Extras)

I also lost my car sketches until the other day, so here they are scanned with a little more work done on my final!

Revolutionary Robots - 20+ Concepts

I think a lot of my issues are stemming from not having a good visual language to present my thinking on these.  I spent a lot of time developing a way to create the shapes and ideas quickly using digital methods.  I'm trying to force my hand digitally and while it doesn't offer my best work it was really useful practice here.  The sketches are in three different sections that are fairly obvious:  Photoshop, Traditional brush pen, and iPad ArtRage sketches. 

In the end I've slowly developed a really dark view of this in that these robots have become sentient and taken to wearing the uniforms of our past to pervert our history as they destroy us.  The first bot in the third row is where I really had this idea and is the bot I'll be pursuing further.

Lizzi- colored sketches

Friday, March 23, 2012